parson’s nose

the tail end of a chicken


parson = Pfarrer — parson’s nose = der fetthaltige äußerste Endabschnitt eines Geflügels, wenn er gebraten wird; Bürzel



“At lunch every Christmas my husband loudly insists on having the parson’s nose of the turkey and then goes on and on about it’s nutritional value.”

The Telegraph

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parson’s nose
noun phrase

- the fatty extreme end portion of the tail of a fowl when cooked,

Collins Dictionary

- also known as pope’s nose, bishop’s nose, chicken butt, and pygostyle


The expression “pope’s nose” appears to have been coined in Britain as a result of anti-Catholic feeling after the reign of James II (1685-88).

It was well in place by 1796, when Grose’s Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue defined it as “the rump of a turkey.” The expression “parson’s nose” appears to have arisen as a response, directed at the Protestant clergy.


A recent study released by the Nutrition And Dietary Studies Of America has found that the pygostyle — the little heart-shaped flap covering the chicken’s posterior, where the feathers of the tail gather — is a nutritional powerhouse — a great source of protein with a high concentration of iron and calcium.

Huffington Post

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