select people it is permitted to kiss and cuddle with


knuffelcontact = Das niederländische Verb „knuffelen“ bedeutet auf deutsch „kuscheln“ oder „schmusen“. Damit ist die deutsche Übersetzung von „Knuffelcontact“ eben „Kuschelkontakt“ oder „Schmusekontakt“



“The Belgian government has come out with what is, if not a solution, a good compromise – allowing each person to choose a KNUFFELCONTACT, or cuddle contact, outside their household.”

Giulia Carbonaro - CGTN

“Everyone Gets a Cuddle Buddy in Belgium’s New Lockdown. Despite being one of the cuter sounding words in the Dutch language, the idea of “KNUFFELCONTACTS” is meant to address serious concerns about mental health.”

Gabriel Geiger - Motherboard

Did you

noun (new word)

- a person one is allowed to continue seeing during the quarantine


The Prime Minister of Belgium, Alexander De Croo, has decided to impose the ‘Knuffelcontact’, which allows visits to the homes of one person per address and two in the case of single people.

“Each family member has the right to a ‘pampering partner’. Families should only invite one of them home at a time. No other home visit can be received. There is an exception for those who live alone: ​​they can invite someone else besides their hugging contact, but not at the same time”

In England, a “support bubble” system has been implemented for the recently reimposed lockdown that allows single households to exclusively pair up with one other household.


cuddle contact, hugging contact, cuddle buddy, cuddling partner, pampering partner

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“It's interesting how the new dutch word KNUFFELCONTACT has been taken up by the international media.

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