1-day Intensive Seminar

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Paul SmithM.A.
Helga SmithM.A.
Friday 19th July 2024 or Saturday 20th July 2024
Friday 13th Sep 2024 or Saturday 14th Sep 2024
Hotel Excelsior, Schützenstrasse 11, D-80335 München


Post-Covid and with the rise of Deep Learning (DL), Large Learning Models (LLMs), and Artificial General Intelligence (AGIs), the necessity for personal, face-to-face, "relational" communication is more imperative than ever before, especially internationally!

In just 1-day, learn essential techniques to boost your professional English with current examples from international politics, press & media, the social sciences, psychology, and linguistics.


  • Understand Difficult Speakers

    The English of native speakers is complicated by high-speed talking, unclear pronunciation, sophisticated vocabulary, idioms, humour, and wordplay. Learn new techniques to improve your comprehension of spoken English.

  • Enlarge Your Vocabulary

    A personal lexicon of advanced words and phrases is essential for high-level thinking and creative problem-solving. Which words reflect the issues of the moment and which state-of-art techniques allow fast memorisation?

  • Avoid Common Pitfalls

    First language interference, grammatical and pronunciation mistakes can cause misunderstandings and undermine counterparts’ confidence in one’s professional competence. What are the most frequent mistakes made by German native-speakers?

  • Speak with Eloquence

    Confidence and fluency, in both professional and personal situations, directly affect our ability to inform and persuade others. Whether speaking spontaneously or giving a prepared presentation, discover the tools needed for easy speaking.

  • Control Dominating Counterparts

    Navigating difficult interactions with assertive or overbearing individuals requires tact, careful wording, and the ability to push back with authority. Learn the push strategies needed to handle these encounters effectively.

  • Manage Critical Conversations

    Discussing sensitive or potentially awkward topics can be challenging. Discover techniques for handling uncomfortable conversations with grace and empathy.

  • Use the Art of Diplomacy

    Managing conflict situations requires timing, tact, the right tone of voice, and avoiding “trigger words” which can spark dissent... we’ll show you how.

  • Perfect Your Small Talk Skills

    Small talk is essential for ice-breaking and starting relationships. Learn how to engage in meaningful social conversation and to transition seamlessly to deeper topics.

  • Master Humour

    Humour is a powerful tool for easing tension, defusing conflict and fostering positive relationships. Discover how to use humour to “re-set” a relationship and build rapport.

  • Transfer Techniques

    Each module employs a different knowledge transfer tool... you’ll learn both, techniques and content at the same time.


Paul and Helga Smith

Paul & Helga Smith

Paul and Helga Smith head PSA (Paul Smith Associates), a German consultancy specialized in communication skills, client-relations, change management, corporate events, leadership & team training, and executive coaching.

Paul studied corporate design and holds a master’s degree in visual communication from The Royal College of Art. After graduating he developed educational technology programs for The Open University, System Research, Cambridge Consultants, and the Ferranti Brain-Sciences Research Project.

For 4 years, Paul was Chairman of The English Public Speaking Competition, a cooperation between PSA, The Financial Times, and the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

Helga studied modern languages and received a master’s degree in philology from the Johann Wolfgang von Goethe University in Frankfurt/M. Before joining PSA in 1991, she was a cross-cultural instructor for the American Army Education Center in Hanau. She also worked in corporate communications for Siemens in Argentina and ran client-relations’ projects with representatives from Brazil, South Korea, and China.

Paul and Helga have led management programs throughout Europe, the US, Russia, Africa, and Southeast Asia. Clients have included: The Management Centre Europe (MCE), The Austrian Management Academy (ÖAF), Forum Institute for Management, Zentrum für Unternehmensführung (ZFU), Lufthansa Flight Training, Helmholtz Institute, L.M.U., T.U.M., and universities of Bremen and Erlangen; Wirtschaftsakademie Schleswig-Holstein, The British Council, and The Centre for Global Dialogue, Zurich & New York, and global management consultancies.

Paul and Helga are founders and editors of the daily newsletter One-Word-A-Day (OWAD) which is supported by a dedicated readership in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.


Check-in from 08.30 onwards

Training: 09.00 - 12.30
Lunch: 12.30 - 13.30
Training: 13.30 - 17.30


650,- euros (+MwSt.) includes training, documentation, reference materials, lunch, refreshments, and certificate.

Come with a colleague, friend, or partner - for two or more participants: 50,- euros discount per person.


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You may cancel your registration without cost until Monday, June 3, 2024 and substitutes may be nominated at any time, without charge.

You may cancel your registration without cost until Wednesday, July 24, 2024 and substitutes may be nominated at any time, without charge.

Flexible Dates & Locations

For team or individual training-coaching (on-site or virtual), or other enquiries, reach out directly to: or call +49 8266 1071.


“Super Einblick in Kultur, Höflichkeit, different way of life, gegenseitiges Verständnis erhalten.” – Hendrik P.

“Mit Leichtigkeit und Kompetenz vermittelten Paul und Helga Smith das Programm.” – Irene W.

“The perfect balance between theory and practice! A big thank you to the Smiths!” – Sophie M.

“Eine Spitzenleistung! Congratulations!” – Timo H.

“Perfekt strukturiert und mitreißend präsentiert. Meine Erwartungen wurden übertroffen.” – Daniel K.

“The seminar provided a superb insight into the English language, culture, politeness, different ways of life, and fostering mutual understanding.” – Oliver M.

“Kudos to Helga & Paul for a great training!” – Claudia H.

“This training has opened my eyes to many different aspects of international communication.” – Evelyn S.

“Habe schon viele Kurse, Seminare usw. besucht, aber noch nie so etwas genial Einfaches, perfekt Zweckmässiges und angenehm leicht Verdauliches gesehen.” – Sabine B.

”Die Smiths haben eine wunderbare Atmosphäre geschaffen, in der das Lernen leicht fiel und Spaß machte.” – Jörg G.