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  • Sharpen Your Vocabulary
  • Develop Your Eloquence
Paul SmithMA, DipAD

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Understand Smart Speakers
The spoken and written language of native English speakers is complicated by their sophisticated vocabulary, idioms, humour, and wordplay. OWAD creates the foundation for better comprehension.
Sharpen Your Vocabulary
Building a personal lexicon of advanced words is essential to managing challenging concepts and creative problem-solving. OWAD allows you to memorize and instantly apply relevant terminology on a daily basis.
Develop Your Eloquence
Enhance your confidence and fluency in both, professional and personal situations. Whether you're speaking spontaneously or giving a prepared presentation, OWAD provides the means to communicate clearly and persuasively.

What’s included:

  • Daily Vocabulary Building
  • OWAD Quiz
  • Pronunciation
  • Performance Statistics
  • Translation (English-German)
  • Press Example
  • Dictionary Definition
  • Etymology
  • Facts & Usage
  • Synonyms
  • Practice Sentence

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What OWAD readers say

“OWAD adds a delightful twist to my English messaging. It’s great fun to weave new words and phrases into my daily conversations and emails.”

Alexandra R., Content Creator

“I have an obsession for precision — OWAD offers me perfect examples of nuanced sentences to use with my native English colleagues.”

Hans L., Business Analyst

“Thoughtfully selected words and examples add bright colour to my previously grey language. Highly recommended!”

Sarah M., Market Researcher

“I much appreciate the anecdotes and stories associated with the words. A treasure trove of material for small-talk”

Harald T., Language Enthusiast (retired)

“Joining OWAD was a turning point for me. My conversations have become more engaging, and I feel more confident expressing myself more interestingly. Highly recommend OWAD to anyone serious about language growth.”

Sarah J., Medical Researcher

“As a writer, OWAD is a great tool in my armory adding depth to my text. An invaluable resource for any wordsmith!”

Michael R., Journalist & Author

“I never thought I could tell jokes and make people laugh in English. OWAD has given me the language and confidence to do just that.”

Franziska B., Graduate Student

“I love the way you try to trick readers with the (a), (b), or (c) daily quiz choices,… he’s trying to outwit us by bluffing with plausible but false definition. Great fun guessing with friends in my OWAD group.”

Stephan C., Graphic Designer

“Even when I already know a word or phrase, it’s so interesting to deep dive and check out the history and synonyms.”

Nina L., Administrative Assistant (Law Firm)

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Frequent Questions About OWAD

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OWAD is a FREE daily quiz and newsletter to help readers improve their advanced English. This involves understanding smart speakers, sharpening vocabulary, and developing eloquence.

OWAD was launched in January 2000 by Paul Smith as a FREE word-building service to clients and seminar participants of Paul Smith Associates GmbH & Co. KG. — a German consultancy specialized in communication skills, client-relations, and change management. PSA facilitates corporate events and conducts leadership & team training, and executive coaching. The initial readership of OWAD started at 8,500 and has since grown to over 65,000.

OWAD is aimed at anyone interested in enriching their advanced English for professional or personal purposes. Subscribers comprise mainly German, Austrian, and Swiss native-speakers from diverse professional backgrounds.

A personal lexicon of advanced words and phrases is essential for high-level thinking and creative problem-solving. OWAD delivers words which reflect the issues of the moment and provides techniques for fast memorisation. Just a few minutes per day can already greatly improve your vocabulary.

OWAD provides users with a new word every day, allowing them to expand their advanced vocabulary gradually over time. This consistent approach to learning is effective for individuals looking to improve their language skills. OWAD encourages users to pay close attention to the nuances of each word – including its pronunciation, meaning, etymology, press examples, synonyms, facts and usage. This focused learning approach strengthens understanding and retention.

OWAD is the only advanced English learning platform dedicated exclusively to German native-speakers. It uses bilingual methodology to enable fast and efficient vocabulary building and techniques for transfer to everyday use. OWAD presents information in a concise format, combining key facts about each word without overwhelming users with excessive information.

The words are specially selected from popular British-American literature, the media, and modern conversation — and are largely unknown to the majority of German speakers of English.

If you have a word or phrase which is historically or intellectually interesting, brand new in the language, amusing, or just simply curious — and which is not already in our ARCHIVE, please submit it HERE for consideration. If your word is selected, we will gratefully acknowledge you.

At OWAD, we take your privacy very seriously. We collect only the minimum amount of personal data needed to provide our service. Your data is encrypted and stored securely, and we have strict access controls. We will never share your personal data with third parties without your explicit consent. You have full control over your information and can request to have it deleted at any time.