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he is in awe of her

he has enormous admiration for her


awe = die Ehrfurcht, die Scheu to strike with awe = mit Furcht erfüllen in awe = bewundernd awe-inspiring = achtunggebietend; beeindruckend; ehrfurchtgebietend



"Faced with such unknowns (in nature) it is hard not to feel a sense of wonder and awe about our place in the natural order"

(Prince Charles’ BBC Reith Lecture, 17th May 2000)

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Awe is an interesting word with shades of meaning ranging from admiration to horror:

"She stands in awe of him" (bewundernd)
"The bombardment of Baghdad was based on the policy of shock and awe" (mit Furcht erfüllen)

Synonyms for awe:

admiration, apprehension, astonishment, consternation, dread, esteem, fear, fright, horror, regard, respect, reverence, shock, stupefaction, terror, veneration, wonder, wonderment, worship


The similar word "awesome" means: Ehrfurcht gebietend, ehrfurchtgebietend, ehrfürchtig, furchteinflößend,... but also großartig, phantastisch, toll

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