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the results of a bad event


aftermath = das Nachspiel, die Folgen, die Nachwehen, die Nachwirkung; die Folgezeit aftermath of the war = die Kriegsauswirkung --- GOOGLE INDEX aftermath = 53,900,000 hits



FTSE 100 surrenders £85bn in two days, pound slides and banking stocks plunge in Brexit AFTERMATH.‎

Managing the AFTERMATH, which saw the country split by age, class and geography, will need political dexterity in the short run; in the long run it may require a redrawing of traditional political battle-lines and even subnational boundaries. There will be a long period of harmful uncertainty. Nobody knows when Britain will leave the EU or on what terms.

The Economist

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1. the consequences or after-effects of a significant unpleasant event

2. the period of time after a bad and usually destructive event

3. (Farming, British) new grass growing after mowing or harvest

Merriam-Webster Dictionary


Aftermath dates from the 1520s, originally a second crop of grass grown after the first had been harvested, from after + -math, a dialectal word, from Old English mæð "a mowing, cutting of grass, and still used in rural parts of Britain.

We often use this term to describe the consequences or results of a bad happening like a war, a terrorist attack, or a natural catastrophe.


consequences, repercussions, after-effects, fallout, backwash, outcome, result, upshot

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"The aftermath of Brexit is causing great uncertainty in the money markets."

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