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to drink quickly


to guzzle = fressen; futtern; saufen; verprassen; verschlingen to guzzle (autom.) = schlucken - Öl, Benzin gas guzzler = der Benzinverschwender



After years of drug-GUZZLING, Johnny Cash cleaned up his act, only to be set back by an ostrich in 1983.

Attacked on his farm by the bird, Cash was hospitalized with five broken ribs. While recovering, Cash stole cards of Valium and hid them under his bandages, where they leaked directly into his wounds. Hospital staff were unable to explain the singer's coma-like appearance until they discovered the drugs under his bandages.

Cash, Johnny (1932-2003) American musician noted for his role in reviving American country and western music with such works as Ride This Train (1960), Ring of Fire (1963), I Walk the Line (1964), Orange Blossom Special (1965), The Holy Land (1968), At Folsom Prison (1968),...

While preparing for his role in Mike Figgis's "Leaving Las Vegas" (the tale of an alcoholic writer), Nicolas Cage visited Ireland - "the land of great writers and drinkers." He also did some first-hand research, filming himself GUZZLING gin in order to study his own slurred speech and clumsy movements.

Cage, who also drew emotional capital from his break-up with then-fiancee Kristen Zang, won a Best Actor Oscar for the role. "I am not a demon," Cage once declared. "I am a lizard, a shark, a heat-seeking panther. I want to be Bob Denver on acid playing the accordion." Among his tattoos? A monitor lizard wearing a top hat.

Cage, Nicolas Kim (1964- ) American actor.

Did you


1.    To drink greedily or habitually: guzzle beer.
2.    To consume to excess: a car that guzzles gas.


Source: The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition

bolt, booze, carouse, cram, devour, gobble, gorge, gormandize, imbibe, knock back, quaff, slosh, soak, stuff, swig, swill, tank up, tipple, wolf

say something like:

"I wasn't impressed with our visit to the supplier - did you see those workers guzzling beer in the rest area?"

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