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go postal

to behave in an uncontrolled and violent (gewalttätig) manner


plötzlich gewalttätig werden



The other day I asked what had happened to someone who was around the campus last year. "She went postal," I was told. That's to say, she had threatened to bring a gun in to settle some "work issues".

(John Sutherland - The Guardian - Monday April 23, 2001)

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go postal

This interesting phrase originated in the USA in 1990s, where there were several incidents of people going berserk and shooting numerous members of the public in post offices.

a close synonym is "to go ballistic", other related words are:

berserk, bitten, bugged,crazed, crazy, delirious, deranged, extreme, fanatical, flipped, frantic, freaked out, frenetic, frenzied, furious, hot, hydrophobic, infuriated, insane, intemperate, intolerant, irrational, mad, mad-dog, maniacal, narrow-minded, nutty, obsessed, overboard, raging, sizzling, smoking, steamed up, stoned, ultra, ultraist, violent, wild.

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