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go for a spin

to go for a short drive in a car


die Spritzfahrt, Spritztour (mit einem Boot oder Fahrzeug



PASADENA, Calif. - NASA's Rover Goes for First Spin on Mars. To the great relief of NASA scientists, the Spirit rover rolled onto the surface of Mars and trundled across the salmon-colored soil Thursday for the first time since the vehicle bounced to a landing nearly two weeks ago.

(Science - AP - 15th Jan 2004)

Did you

go for a spin

means to go for a (short) drive, usually for fun

You probably know that the standard meanings of "spin" =

drehen, kreiseln, sich drehen, spinnen, spulen, verspinnen

But here are some other useful applications:

- spin doctor = der Imageberater(in)

- spin-off product = das Nebenprodukt

and one of my favourite business translations:

- spin-off = Übertragung des ausschlaggebenden Aktienkapitals an einer Tochtergesellschaft durch die Muttergesellschaft an ihre Aktionäre

(sometimes English idioms can be quite time-saving :))

Take care with this translation:

- du spinnst = you're nuts, you're crazy

Which reminds me...

"Elvis Presley was an enthusiast for cars, as you would expect any American hero to be. Cadillacs, mainly: he owned about 100 during his lifetime. But in the 1970s, the talk among car fans was of a sleek Italian-made sports car called the Pantera (Panther in English) and Presley bought one. One day when he fancied a SPIN, the car would not start. Presley took out a gun and shot it, twice or possibly three times."

The Pantera's creator, Alejandro De Tomaso, later explained that the car, like many European prima donnas, could be temperamental and should be treated with kindness and patience.

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