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fourth estate

the journalistic profession, the press


die Presse; Macht (der Einfluss) der Presse estate = das Anwesen, das Besitztum, der Grundbesitz, der Gutsbesitz, der Gutshof, die Immobilien, der Landbesitz, die Länderei, der Nachlass estate [jur.] = die Konkursmasse, der Nachlass, das Vermögen, die Vermögensmasse estate = [Brit.] [infml.] [autom.] der Kombi



"The fourth estate's vote - Some sections of the press like to think they can make or break a government. And some politicians believe them."

(BBC News - Tuesday, 20 March, 2001)

Did you

the fourth estate

According to British tradition there have been three sources of power, or "estates" - the Lords Spiritual, the Lords Temporal, and the House of Commons.

Nowadays, the journalistic profession, the press, is supposedly a fourth power, hence the phrase "Fourth Estate".

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