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the very best of something


das Allerbeste, Schmankerl (Bav.), einsame Spitze, das Gelbe vom Ei, Mercedes (as in "Das ist der Mercedes unter den Textverarbeitungsprogrammen").



"DISCOVERY CHANNEL DOCUMENTARY IS A DUSEY - The new Discovery Channel documentary "Seas of Life" is a four-hour look at the lifeblood of the planet, our oceans. The series was five years in the making and cost more than $10 million to produce. Many reviewers are calling it must-see television."

(CNN-TV review - Feb. 2002)

Did you

Did you know?

The phrase "It's a Dusey" means "one of the best you can have."

It isn't often that a car will inspire a word to be added to the dictionary, but this is the case with the dusey and the Dusenberg.

The fact that A luxury car such as the Dusenberg could actually survive the Depression Is in itself a testament to the fine automobile. The Dusenberg was manufactured in Indianapolis and was built for speed. In fact Duseys won several Indy 500s as well as international races against famed European race cars.

The 1934 Dusey Had a "production speed" topping 120 mph, making it the fastest production car on the road. It attained this speed using a 32 valve supercharged straight eight dual overhead cam engine. Most of these innovations were unheard of in 1934. It came in number of body styles, all of which were custom ordered from the Dusenberg factory. The cost for a Dusey was around $24,000 - a king's ransom compared to $600 for a standard Ford of that time.

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