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dozing off

falling asleep


doze = der Halbschlaf to doze = dösen, schlummern, einnicken to doze off = einschlafen



When young Johannes Brahms was introduced to Franz Liszt at a friendly gathering, he was so nervous that he declined to play. Liszt kindly collected the young composer's scherzo from a table and played it with such proficiency (while simultaneously critiquing the composition) that Brahms himself was quite amazed.

Some time later, Liszt was asked to play one of his own sonatas, a recent work of which he was particularly fond. As he came to the most expressive portion of the piece, he gazed around to see whether it was having the desired emotional impact on his listeners - and was surprised to find Brahms soundly DOZING in his chair.

Brahms, Johannes (1833-1897) German composer noted for his prolific output of orchestral and chamber music, songs and choral works, among them A German Requiem (1868) and the Alto Rhapsody (1869)

Did you


to doze means to sleep lightly and intermittently, to fall into a light sleep - it is probably of Scandinavian origin.

a doze (noun) = a short, light sleep.

catnap, dope off, doss, drift off, drop off, drowse, flake out, knock off, nod, nod off, sleep, sleep lightly, slumber, snooze, snoozle

Try this phrase today at work:
"It's so easy to doze off after lunch that I need coffee to keep me going."

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