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no longer existent


gelöscht, nicht mehr bestehend, verstorben



"Former MI6 intelligence officer, Richard Tomlinson, who has threatened to publish state secrets on the World Wide Web, says the Internet spells the end for the world's intelligence services.

His prediction came in an e-mail interview with BBC News Online. "I think the Net will eventually make intelligence agencies DEFUNCT as there will be a lot less secrets around the world that they can steal," he said.

(BBC News - 19th May 1999)

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1: no longer in force or use; inactive; "a defunct (or dead) law"; "a defunct organization"

2: having ceased to exist or live; "the will of a defunct aunt"; "a defunct Indian tribe"

Source: WordNet ® 1.6, © 1997 Princeton University

Latin defunctus, past participle of defung, to finish : d-, de- + fung, to perform

The word "function" comes from that source. When a duty was discharged, executed, and (hence) the function was no longer require (it was dead, deceased, over and done with) the negation "de—" was added as a prefix, and from that came the source word for our English word defunct. And when anything ceases to function it is, likewise, said to be defunct.


now defunct = heute nicht mehr bestehend
defunct company = erloschene Firma, im Handelsregister gelöschte Firma

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