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apple of my eye

something or someone of the highest value to me


mein Augapfel, mein Juwel



"To Darwin, Annie was 'the apple of his eye,' his favorite child, and the 'joy of the household.' Darwin and Emma never quite got over the death of this adorable and precious child."

(Roy E. Perry reviewing the book "Darwin, His Daughter, and Human Evolution by Randal Keynes)

Did you

Did you know?

"Apple of my eye" is used for something or someone that is especially valued. In ancient biblical times the pupil of the eye was known as the 'apple' of the eye because it was believed to be a solid sphere, like an apple.

The phrase came about to describe something as precious as sight.

You'll find the phrase in the Old Testament, Deuteronomy Ch. 32 verse 10, describing God's care for Jacob. 'He kept him as the apple of his eye.'

NOTE: the German idiom "für einen Apfel und ein Ei" = "for a song" in English, and has nothing to do with today's word !

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