stay tuned

be expectant, ready



“Kinzinger: Americans should ‘STAY TUNED’ for more Jan. 6 revelations. January 6 Select Committee member Rep. Adam Kinzinger tells CNN's Dana Bash there will be "way more information" coming out in upcoming hearings.”

CNN Politics (3rd July 2022)

STAY TUNED For the earthquake forecast. Predicting earthquakes is not possible. Yet. … But that may soon cease to be true. An intriguing new approach shows promise.”

Science & Technology, Seismology — The Economist (15th January 2022)

Did you

stay tuned

- To continue being watchful or paying attention for more information to arrive (often used as an imperative)

- to keep watching a television show or listening to a radio broadcast (often used figuratively)

The Free Dictionary / Merriam-Webster


The noun “tune” meaning "a musical sound" is early 14c. From late 14c. "a well-rounded succession of musical notes, an air, melody”, from the late 15c “a state of being in proper pitch”.

The non-musical meaning "to adjust an organ or receiver, put into a state proper for some purpose" is recorded from 1887.

The verbal phrase “tune in” in reference to radio (later also TV) is recorded from 1913; figurative sense of "become aware" is recorded from 1926.

As telecommunications became more widespread, the phrase "stay tuned" began being used more figuratively, meaning to wait attentively for something that is going to happen or be announced.


In the early days of radio, the phrase "stay tuned" was not just a casual suggestion but a crucial instruction. As broadcasters operated on unreliable equipment, listeners frequently had to adjust their radio sets to maintain a clear signal. This technical necessity has since become a metaphor for sustained attention and engagement.

Psychologically, this phrase also taps into our need for wanting to stay “in the know”,… and our fear of missing out (FOMO).


- Call the tune = to be in control, to make the decisions.

- Change one's tune = to suddenly change one's opinion or attitude about something.

- In tune with something/someone = to understand or be compatible with something or someone.

- Out of tune = feeling out of place, unhappy, or unwell.

- To the tune of = iindicates an approximate amount or quantity (A budget to the tune of a million dollars was spent on the project.).

- Dance to someone else's tune = to be forced to do what someone else wants, to lack control.

- Fine-tune something = to make small adjustments to something to improve it.

- STAY TUNED = to continue being watchful or paying attention for more information to arrive. 


- for expectant

agog, all ears, alert, anticipating, attentive, awaited, brimming with anticipation, charged with anticipation, eager, EXPECTANT, full of hope, hopeful, in suspense, keyed up, looking forward to, poised, pregnant (restless, tense) with anticipation, prepared, ready, receptive, waiting, wide-eyed, wishful

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