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pawternity leave

paid time-off for employees needing to look after a new pet


pawternity leave = „Elternzeit“ für Hundehalter



"Millennial Dog Moms Now Need ‘PAWTERNITY LEAVE’ to Care for Their Pets"

The Libertarian Republic


Did you

pawternity leave

noun phrase

- leave paid by companies for employees with newly acquired pets



It was great news for puppy owners when Scottish brewer Brewdog announced a rather unusual employee benefit - one week's paid leave for all workers who adopt a puppy or rescue dog.  Brewdog’s "pawternity" leave press announcement made the headlines around the world and within a few days a new English noun-phrase was born.



More and more firms – particularly in urban areas that attract a younger workforce – are offering more pet perks, including allowing pets at work, pet insurance, time-off for veterinary appointments, pet adoption consulting, and even pet bereavement leave.

Company logic says that with tight labour markets and good employees in high demand, any form of paid time-off, will help attract and motivate qualified staff.

in 2016, New York-based online retailer Boxed was praised when its co-founder and boss Chieh Huang announced that the company would contribute to the cost of employees' weddings. Mr Huang says he was inspired to start the unusual scheme when he saw one of his employees crying at work because he was struggling to cover the cost of his mother's medical bills and save for his forthcoming wedding.



Say something like:

"Hey, Annette, why don't you raise the subject of PAWTERNITY LEAVE at the next staff meeting?" 

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