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his hopes were dashed

his hopes were destroyed


dash hopes = Hoffnungen zunichte machen But also note: dash = der Gedankenstrich; der Kurzstreckenlauf



England frustrated by rain - England's third one-day international against West Indies was abandoned without a ball being bowled. Around 28,000 people had turned up expecting to see at least one game of cricket, but their HOPES WERE DASHED.

(BBC News - 25 April, 2004)

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dash - 1297, probably from a Scandinavian source, somehow imitative. The oldest sense is that in "dash to pieces" and "dashed hopes."

Intrans. meaning "move quickly" appeared c.1300, that of "to write hurriedly" is 1726. Sporting sense of "race run in one heat" is from 1881.

Dashboard of an automobile is first recorded 1904, from earlier meaning "board in front of a carriage to stop mud from being splashed ("dashed") into the vehicle by the horse's hoofs" (1846).

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