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a pipsqueak

a nobody


a pipsqueak = der Winzling, ein kleines Würstchen, ein Niemand, ein Pinscher



As European Commission president Jacques Santer packed his bags for a quiet trip to Amsterdam on Monday, he had little idea that he would return to Brussels to find himself criticised in the British press as a PIPSQUEAK.

The London Independent

Did you


- someone who is unimportant and does not deserve respect

- a person considered to be insignificant, especially because they are small or young


Pipsqueak is a so-called "echoic" word, meaning it derives from the sound that something makes.

In this case, "pip" is a variant of "peep," the sound a baby bird makes. Squeak is a short shrill cry or sound, such as that made by a mouse or a door that needs to be oiled. Thus a pipsqueak refers to the trivial noise a young or weak creature makes.

Figuratively speaking, pipsqueak is a negative term for a person that someone feels does not deserve respect. But in Belgium, a young "pizza pipsqueak" has gained the respect of his townspeople by becoming the world's youngest pizza maker.

Giovanni Crapanzano, age 6, has been making pizza since shortly after he learned to walk. Recognized by Guinness World Records, Giovanni has been pizza making since he was 3-years-old. That was when he could recognize - blindfolded, according to the local newspaper - the key ingredients to Italian cuisine, including oregano, ham, tomatoes, olives, mozzarella and garlic.

Dallas Morning Herald News


bozo, nobody, runt, shrimp, squirt, twerp, insignificant person, nonentity, non-person, gnat, insect, cipher, pygmy, upstart, whippersnapper

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"I remember Bill as being a bit of a PIPSQUEAK at school. He's OK now."

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