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to reject


eschew = meiden, unterlassen, vermeiden —— to eschew sth. = etw. scheuen, ausweichen; aus dem Wege gehen —— to eschew [deliberately avoid] = sich von etw. fernhalten



“Indeed, by ESCHEWING Brexit and resorting to a nasty – and stupid – anti-Sunak poster campaign, Starmer has been embarking on a diversion from the big issues which could seriously damage his chances. I fear that he is making a strategic mistake of historic proportions.”

William Keegan - The Guardian (16th April 2023)

“Fresh off the back of (almost) total world domination at last week’s CHIO Aachen, the maestro of eventing has ESCHEWED the idea of a rest day entirely, instead choosing to load up five of his showjumpers ready for a trip to the Royal International Horse Show at England’s historic Hickstead show ground.”

Tilly Berendt - Eventing Nation (24th July 2019)

Did you


- to avoid something intentionally, or to give something up

- to avoid habitually especially on moral or practical grounds

Cambridge Dictionary / Merriam-Webster


The word "eschew" has its origins in Middle English and can be traced back to the Old French word eschiver or eschuier, which means "to avoid or shun". This Old French word is derived from the Proto-Germanic word skiuhan or skeuhwan, which also means to avoid or shun.

The ultimate origin of "eschew" lies in the Proto-Indo-European root skeu, which translates to "to cover" or "hide".

Over time, the word evolved to its present form, "eschew", which means to deliberately avoid or abstain from something.


A grammarian named Hugh,
Spoke with words that he'd carefully eschew,
He'd say, "This one's wrong,
But that one's quite strong,
My limericks are clever, it's true!"

There once was a doctor named Lou,
Who thought that we all should eschew,
The stresses of life,
The toil and the strife,
By laughing at jokes tried and true.


- to shun or shy away from

abstain (from), avoid (dealing with, doing something), back away (out of), be reluctant to, bypass, cease (to indulge in), demur (at, from), desist (from), disacknowledge, disallow, disapprove, disavow, disclaim, disconfirm, disdain, dispense with, disown, dodge, do away with (without), draw the line at, duck out of, ESCHEW, fend off, fight shy of, forgo, forget, forsake, forswear, give a wide berth (to), give something a miss, give the go by (the thumbs down), go without, have done with (no truck with, nothing more to do with), hold back (from), keep at arm's length (away from, clear of, out of the way of, your distance), lay off (of), leave (alone, behind, off, leave out), let well enough alone, not touch, pass (on, over, up), refuse (to acknowledge, to take advantage of), refrain (from), reject, renounce, repudiate, repulse, resist (the temptation to), restrain (from), say no to, shake one's head at, shy away (from), skirt (round), skip (out on), snub, spurn, stay away (clear) (from, of), stay shy of, steer clear (of), surcease, swear off, turn away (from), turn your back on, veto, waive, ward off, wash your hands of, withdraw (from), withgo, withhold (from)

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