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an official ceremony


investiture = eine Zeremonie, bei der jemandem ein offizieller Rang, eine Autorität, eine Befugnis usw. verliehen wird (Amtseinsetzung, Ordensverleihung)



"In what is considered the most sacred part of the ceremony, the King was anointed with holy oil by the Archbishop of Canterbury. He was also presented with the coronation regalia, including the royal Robe and Stole, in what is known as the INVESTITURE part of the service."

Ivana Kottasová - CNN, 'King Charles III is crowned in once-in-a-generation ceremony' (6th May 2023)

"In numerous costume changes, he was swathed in regal hand-me-downs for his INVESTITURE and crowning; the rich shimmering brocades having taxed the eyesight and calloused the fingers of embroiderers for more than 200 years."

Caroline Davies at Westminster Abbey - The Guardian, 'King Charles and Queen Camilla crowned at Westminster Abbey' (6th May 2023)

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- a ceremony in which someone is given an official rank, authority, power, etc.

Cambridge Dictionary


The word "investiture" has its origins in the Latin language. It is derived from the Latin word investitura which means "a clothing, an investment”. The term investitura itself comes from the verb investire, which means "to clothe" or "to dress”.

In the context of the Middle Ages, "investiture" referred to the formal ceremony in which a person, such as a monarch, noble, or cleric, was given the symbols of authority, power, or office, often through the act of clothing them with a specific garment or presenting them with a particular object.

Over time, the meaning of the term has expanded to include any ceremony or event where someone is officially granted a title, position, or authority.


Charles I (from the House of Stuart) ruled England, Scotland, and Ireland between 1625 and 1649. Because of a dispute with parliament and the two civil wars that followed, he was executed at the age of 48. His son King Charles II (1630-1685) was luckier.

In 1651 the 21-year old Charles II was on the run and needed to hide from the Parliamentarian forces who were searching for him. He sought refuge in the home of a royalist family, the Penderels, at Boscobel House in Shropshire. To avoid detection, the king was advised to hide in an oak tree on the property. With the help of one of the Penderel brothers, Charles climbed the tree and concealed himself among its branches.

While hiding in the tree, the king watched as Cromwell's soldiers searched the grounds below him, completely unaware that the man they sought was just above their heads. Charles remained hidden in the tree for an entire day before escaping to the safety of another royalist house.

The story of Charles II hiding in the oak tree became a popular tale, and the tree itself became known as the Royal Oak. To this day, many pubs throughout England are named "The Royal Oak" in honour of this event. In addition, "Royal Oak Day" or "Oak Apple Day" was celebrated on May 29th, the king's birthday, until the early 19th century, commemorating his successful escape and the eventual restoration of the monarchy.

After the Restoration in 1660 Charles II granted annuities (Jahresrente) to the Penderels for their services — these are still paid to their descendants to this day.


- the formal bestowal or presentation of a possessory or prescriptive right

accession (to the throne), anointing, appointment, assumption, baptism (of fire), call of duty, call-up, catechesis, ceremony, coming into power, conferment, conscription, consecration, coronation, crowning, dunking, enlistment, enrollment (US), enrolment (UK), enthronement, enthroning, inauguration, induction, initiation, instatement, INVESTITURE, ordination, rite of passage, ritual, sanctification, swearing-in, taking office

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