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Driving While Distracted


DWD = Fahren, während man abgelenkt ist



A new survey by Nationwide Mutual Insurance shows the dangerous practice of DWD is prevalent among today’s drivers, and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says distracted drivers account for almost 80 percent of all crashes in the U.S.


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- Driving While Distracted. A driving offence, sometimes punishable by a fine and points on the driving record. DWD refers to performing activities that interfere with the safe operation of a motorcar, such as talking on a mobile phone.


DWD is an acronym for "driving while distracted", a term used by law enforcement personnel when someone exhibits unsafe driving behaviour because they are distracted by performing some other activity while behind the wheel. A major U.S.-based insurance company identified these top ten distractions as part of a survey:

10. smoking
9. listening to audio books
8. experiencing road rage
7. driving without shoes
6. daydreaming
5. eating a meal
4. eating a snack
3. talking on a mobile phone
2. drinking a beverage
1. adjusting the radio or CD player


While autonomous technology has made driving safer and less taxing, it still requires an attentive driver. But Dr. Reimer at M.I.T. has warned that it can open the door to greater distractions.

In a 2018 TED Talk, he said: “Who would have thought automating simple things like shifting gears would have made it so much easier to pick up the smartphone? With increased automation comes increased responsibility.”

That’s a point that Dr. Reimer often emphasizes. He contends that as new technology eliminates a driving task, drivers tend to look for other activities and distractions to fill the time.

The New York Times

Practice OWAD in a conversation today, say something like:

"I wonder how soon autonomous vehicles will eliminate accidents now caused by DWD."

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