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an article or blog in the form of a list


listicle = ein Kunstwort aus Liste und englisch Article und bezeichnet einen Artikel, der in Aufzählungsform, eben als Liste veröffentlicht wird.



"10 Great New York Dishes of 2018 - With apologies to the LISTICLE gods, not to mention the headline gods, I don't mean this to be a definitive list of the best things I ate this year."

The New York Times

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- an article consisting of a series of items presented as a list

Merriam Webster


Listicle is a portmanteau word derived from list and article.

It has been suggested that the word evokes "popsicle" (flavored and colored water frozen on a stick), emphasising  the fun but "not too nutritious" nature of the listicle (1).

A typical listicle will prominently feature a cardinal number in its title. A ranked listicle (such as Rolling Stone's "The 100 Best Albums of the Last Twenty Years") implies a qualitative judgement, conveyed by the order of the topics within the text. These are often presented in countdown order, and the "Number One" item is the last in the sequence.

Other listicles impart no such values, instead presenting the topics in no particular order, although they may be grouped by theme.


(1) Okrent, Arika. "The listicle as literary form - The University of Chicago Magazine

Listicles are attractive for many of the same reasons that traditional lists and checklists are – we just like to read them.

Here's a listicle about listicles:

"The 5 Advantages of Listicles"

(1)  The title tells you what to expect
(2)  They are easy to skim for important information
(3)  You always know how much is left
(4)  It’s easy to put down and come back where you left off
(5)  They can break complex topics down into digestible chunks

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