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a person earning two incomes



“In the financial industry, DOUBLE DIPPING occurs when a financial professional makes money from both the commission and the fee associated to manage an investor's portfolio through a managed-money account.”

Tony Daltorio — Investopedia (31st May 2022)

“Alan said, “I know he was a DOUBLE-DIPPER, drawing government pay as both deputy county controller and state senator.’ … ‘That’s standard practice.’ one of the precinct captains said.”

Peggy Lang — Dan Walker Biography ‘The Maverick and the Machine’ (2007)

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informal phrase

- a person engaged in the improper act of receiving benefits from two sources that should not overlap, such as earning a salary and obtaining a pension from the government simultaneously, or receiving payouts from two insurance companies for the same claim.

Justia Legal Dictionary


The term ”double-dipper” originated in the 1970s, primarily in American English, and is derived from the literal meaning of "double dipping”, which refers to the act of dipping a chip or other food item into a communal dip twice… and often considered a social faux pas.

The term was metaphorically extended to describe people who receive two forms of compensation or benefits, particularly in government or public sector contexts. Its usage became more widespread in the 1980s and 1990s, often in political and economic discussions about public sector employees or retirees who continued to work while receiving pensions.

“Double-dipping” carries a somewhat negative connotation, implying that the person is taking unfair advantage of a system or receiving more than their fair share.

It’s fascinating how language can adapt to describe new social, political, or economic phenomena … in this case a food-related term to a figurative, economic one.


- Double down: to increase your effort or commitment to something (After the negative reviews, the restaurant decided to double down on their marketing campaign).

- Double jeopardy (legal term): being punished twice for the same crime (The double jeopardy clause of the Fifth Amendment prevents him from being tried again).

- See double: to see two images of something when there is only one, often due to fatigue or intoxication (After a long day, I was so tired I started to see double).

- Do double duty: to serve two purposes (This umbrella can do double duty, as a rain-protector and as a walking stick).

- On the double: quickly, rapidly (The firefighters rushed on the double to extinguish the blaze).

- Double time: working twice the normal amount of time, often for double pay (The factory workers were offered double time to meet the production deadline).

- Double whammy: a negative situation that is compounded by another negative situation (Losing his job and then getting into a car accident was a double whammy for him).

- Double bluff: a deceptive tactic where someone pretends to be more aggressive than they actually are (The poker player used a double bluff, raising the bet to scare the other players into folding).

- Double take: a surprised glance because something seems unexpected or unbelievable (Well,… I’ll be a monkey’s uncle! That man across the street looks just like Boris Johnson!).


breadwinner squared, career juggler, double-dealer, DOUBLE-DIPPER, dual earner, dual income generator, financial multitasker, income maximizer, job stacker, moonlighter, multi-income earner, plural paycheck earner, professional plate spinner, salary stacker, second shifter, side hustler, side-income earner, tax evader, two-fer, two-job juggler, unclaimed income earner, undisclosed income earner, under-the-table worker

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“Some DOUBLE-DIPPERS justify their actions by claiming the low wages they receive.”

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