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falsify, disguise, white-wash


doctored (figures, results, etc.) = manipuliert, getürkt, frisiert [ugs.] ----- doctored mileage = geschönter Tachostand ----- doctored (British) = sterilisiert (Tier) VetMed.------GOOGLE INDEXdoctored: approximately 431,000 hits



"Canadians are known for humility. But leave the Earth’s surface and you'll find the country’s ego somewhere up in the thermosphere. Canada’s government websites use DOCTORED photographs of its contribution to the International Space Station to call special attention to itself."

The Economist

Did you


- to falsify or change in such a way as to make favorable to oneself — (doctored the evidence).

- to add ingredients so as to improve or conceal the taste, appearance, or quality of (doctor the soup with a dash of sherry).
- to alter or modify for a specific end — (doctored my standard speech for the small-town audience).
- Baseball. To deface or apply a substance to (the ball) — (was ejected because he doctored the ball with a piece of sandpaper).

The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition


The term "doctor" first appeared in English in the early 14th century. Originally, it was used to describe theologians who were recognized by the Roman Catholic Church as experts in religious doctrine. These individuals were essentially specialized teachers, and the word "doctor" itself reflects this; it comes from the Latin word for "teacher", which is derived from "docēre", meaning "to teach".

The verb form of "doctor" evolved from this original noun. However, starting in the late 18th century, the verb took on a negative meaning, signifying "to falsify", or "to disguise".

Note that there is also a very special meaning of “to doctor” with regard to animals: “to castrate a cat or dog”.


adjust, adulterate, airbrush, alter, amend, bastardize, bend, bias, camouflage, change, cloak, colour, cook, cook the books, corrupt, counterfeit, cover up, cut corners, deceive, disguise, distort, DOCTOR, doctor up, dress up, embellish, embroider, exaggerate, fabricate, fake, falsify, fiddle (with), fix, fudge, gloss, interfere with, jigger, juggle, juice, manipulate, mask, massage, misapply (guide, inform, interpret, lead, paint, report, represent), modify, monkey around (with), pad, paint falsely, paper over, phony up, play (around) with, play with, rig, salt, smoke and mirrors, spike, spin, spoil, stage-manage, sugarcoat, tamper (with), taint, take liberties with, throw a curve, tilt, tinker (with), touch up, twist (the facts), varnish, warp, whitewash, window-dress, work over

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