Chop chop!

Hurry up!


Chop chop! = Beeil dich! Schnell! Zack-zack! Hopp hopp!; Mach schnell!



Under the deal, outlets in London, Edinburgh and Bristol will provide the service from the end of February offering a choice of 3,000 items delivered in less than 30 minutes. Sainsbury’s already offers its own CHOP CHOP fast delivery service and has partnerships with Deliveroo and Uber Eats.

Jasper Jolly — The Guardian (16th January 2023)

Did you

chop chop (also chop-chop)
adverb and exclamation

- without delay; quickly

- be quick!

Merriam-Webster Dictionary / Oxford Dictionaries


The phrase "chop-chop”, meaning "hurry up" originated from Chinese Pidgin English, a simplified form of English used for trade and communication between Chinese and English-speaking people in the 19th century — it’s derived from the Cantonese word kap-kap (急急), which means "quickly" or "hurry”.

Chinese laborers working on ships and in various industries in English-speaking regions often used this term to convey urgency or the need to do something swiftly.

Over time, kap-kap evolved into "chop-chop" in English, and became a colloquial expression for urging someone to speed up or complete a task promptly.


Reduplicative phrases in English are used for emphasis, rhythm, or to create catchy expressions — here’s a small selection:

- bibbity-bobbity = a magical phrase used in fairy tales and folklore

- dilly-dally = to waste time or procrastinate

- double-bubble = overtime paid at twice the normal rate

- fuddy-duddy = someone who is old-fashioned or overly conservative

- higgledy-piggledy = things being in a chaotic or jumbled state

- hoity-toity = someone who behaves in an arrogant or snobbish manner

- hobnob = to socialise or mix with others, especially those of a higher social class

- hush-hush = something secretive or confidential

- jibber-jabber = rapid and nonsensical talk

- nitty-gritty = the essential or most important details of a situation

- pitter-patter = mimicking the sound of light, quick raindrops or footsteps

- razzle-dazzle = something flashy or showy, often with the intent to impress

- teeny-weeny = something very small or tiny

- topsy-turvy = confused, or lacking organization; upside down

- willy-nilly = without a plan or order, haphazardly


Be quick! CHOP CHOP! Get a move on! Get moving! Hurry up! Let’s go! Lose no time! Move it! Make haste! Move it! Move your butt! Make it snappy! On the double! Shake a leg! Step on it!

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