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chewing loudly


to chomp = mampfen, kauen



"Inside a shopping mall in south Berlin, two colleagues are CHOMPING on hamburgers and fries, cheese sauce running down their fingers as they try to beat the lunchtime clock."

Guardian article - The wurst is over: why Germany now loves to go vegetarian

Did you


- to crush or grind with the teeth



From the 1640s, dialectal and American English variant of champ “to chew noisily, crunch” (of horses) “to bite repeatedly and impatiently”.

Some of us still remember Nintendo’s Super Mario games from the late 1980s; in these “Chain Chomps” constantly strain against the chain holding them, attempting to break free and bite anything that passes close by.

The Chomp was inspired by a childhood experience of Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto, where a dog tried to attack him. The dog ran at him, but was jerked back by its leash just as the canine snapped at Miyamoto inches in front of his face.

Source: David Sheff - Game Over

Chomp is also a brand of chocolate bar which was first manufactured by Cadbury South Africa in the early 1970s. It is currently manufactured and popular in South Africa, Australia and the United Kingdom.


bite (on), champ, chaw, chew, crunch (on), gnaw (on), masticate, nibble

Practice OWAD an English conversation today, say something like:

“What I really disliked about cinema was the sound of viewers noisily CHOMPING on popcorn during the film.”

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