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all the rage

highly fashionable


(to be) all the rage = der letzte Schrei sein, ganz (schwer) in Mode sein, im Trend liegen, en vogue



“Way ahead: the glamorous new hair accessories. Amazing headpieces were ALL THE RAGE at the top spring/summer shows.”

The Guardian

Did you

all the rage

- the current or latest fashion, with the implication that it will be short-lived

Dictionary dot com


According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the oldest sense of the English word rage as used in the 13th century was “madness; insanity; a fit or access of mania, and this is still a common today.

But the special idiomatic use of rage in the sense of “a strong passion for, desire of, a thing” was already used by Shakespeare, in it oldest quotation in 1593: "This moves in him more rage…To make the breach."


a la mode, avant-garde, chic, contemporary, current, cutting edge, faddish, hip, hot, in, in-thing, last-word, latest, leading-edge, newfangled, red-hot, state-of-the-art, the thing, trendy, trendsetting, up-to-the-minute, in vogue, with it

SMUGGLE OWAD into an English conversation today, say something like:

“It’s interesting how colourful and creative face masks have become ALL THE RAGE among the young.”

Appreciation to Florian for suggesting today’s interesting OWAD.

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