a walled garden

a digital prison


a walled garden = ein Softwaresystem, bei dem der Betreiber oder Dienstanbieter die Kontrolle über Anwendungen, Inhalte und Medien hat und den bequemen Zugriff auf nicht zugelassene Bewerber oder Inhalte einschränkt



“One of the key success factors of Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Apple relies in how they are packaging their marketing services and offering access to their Data through A WALLED GARDEN approach.”

Pierre de Poulpiquet - Medium

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walled garden
noun phrase

- a service provider on the internet that controls users’ access to content from other sources

MacMillan Dictionary

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Garden : late 13c. from Old North French *gardin, Old French *jardin, from Vulgar Latin *hortus gardinus “enclosed garden,” via Frankish *gardo, from Proto-Germanic *gardan- Old Saxon *gardo, Old High German *garto, German *Garten


- lead someone up (down) the garden path = give someone misleading clues or signals (Their developer led them up the garden path and inflated his invoice).

- common-or-garden (garden-variety) =  describes something of a very ordinary kind and with no special features (Being old-school, I still use a common-or-garden mobile phone).

- gardening leave = a period in which an employee does not work but continues to get paid, as before leaving or being terminated by a company (Jim’s on gardening leave right now, but I’m sure they’re going to fire him).

everything is rosy in the garden = everything is going well. Usually used in describing negative situations (The owners went on pretending that everything was rosy in the garden).

a skunk at a garden party = someone or something that is unwelcome or unpleasant (Running into my ex-husband at the conference was like encountering a skunk at a garden party)


a walled garden, a closed platform, a closed ecosystem, a digital monopoly, vendor lock-in, proprietary lock-in, customer lock-in, golden cage

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