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What's your poison?

What would you like to drink?


What’s your poison? = Was willst Du trinken?



“WHAT’S YOUR POISON? Or how to enjoy drinking. What Kind of Drinker Are You? Watch and find out.”

Brian Trueman - BBC2

Did you

What’s your poison?
informal phrase

- a humorous way of asking which alcoholic drink someone would like

Longman Dictionary


Liquor was jokingly called “poison” in the 19th century. Bar patrons would thus select their “poison”.

“Nominate your poison” was cited in March 1864. “Name your poison” was cited in December 1870.

“What’s your poison?” was cited in July 1871.

Interestingly, an 1888 “choose your poison” citation referred to Democrats and Republicans!


Catherine I of Russia ruled that no gentleman should be drunk before 9 p.m. and no lady should be drunk at any hour.

Princess Elizabeth, Catherine’s spirited daughter, and the other young ladies of the court soon found a way to circumvent the rules — by dressing as men and throwing transvestite balls.


1. Liquor interferes with my ancient magic powers.

2. I don’t drink. I absorb all the fluids I need through osmosis.

3. Why don’t I drink? What is this…7th grade? Peer pressure doesn’t work on me!

4. One should never drink while operating heavy machinery. If you’re wondering, the heavy machinery is my brain.

5. When I drink I seem to gain a temporary Degree in Interior Design.

6. Not drinking makes my liver more valuable on the black market.

7. My poison is a plant.

for beverages containing ethanol

alcoholic beverage/drink/liquor, aqua vitae, ardent spirits, booze, bracer, brandy, brew, canned heat, chaser, corn liquor, demon drink, Dutch courage, elixir, falling-down juice, firewater, grog, gut-rot, hooch, inebriant, intoxicant, intoxicating drink/liquor, John Barleycorn, libation, liquid refreshment, moonshine, mother’s milk, mountain dew, palliative, poison, potation, quencher, red-eye, refreshment, rotgut, shorts, snifter, spirits, spiritus frumenti, strong waters, the hard stuff, the devil’s nectar, thirst quencher, tincture, tipple, toddy, wallop, white lightning

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