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temerity = Frechheit, Kühnheit, Tollkühnheit, Verwegenheit, Dreistigkeit, Unbesonnenheit, Unerhörtheit —— to have the temerity to do sth. = die Unverschämtheit besitzen, etw. zu tun



“It recently surfaced that ex-Mayor Sheila Dixon had the TEMERITY to bill the city of Baltimore over $11,000 for make-up [schminken] invoices.”

The Baltimore Sun

Did you


- excessive confidence or boldness; audacity

- a willingness to do or say something that shocks or upsets other people

- unreasonable or foolhardy contempt of danger or opposition

Oxford Languages / The Cambridge Dictionary / Merriam-Webster


Temerity stems from the Latin temeritas, meaning “blind chance, accident, rashness”. In its purest form, it involves taking unreasonable risks.


Schmidt [Google CEO Eric Schmidt] reckons that “if you have something that you don’t want anybody to know, maybe you shouldn’t be doing it in the first place”. Only bad people need privacy.

Yep, it’s our old friend IYHNTHYHNTF, or “If You Have Nothing To Hide You Have Nothing To Fear”. Which is pretty ironic when it comes from someone who blacklisted an entire news network back in 2005 when it had the TEMERITY to google for and to publish online the name of Schmidt’s wife, details of his extra-curricular activities and some of the profits he’d made from selling shares.

It turns out there are two kinds of privacy: the kind of privacy you and we should expect, and the kind of privacy the CEO of a major technology company should expect.

Carrie Marshal - Tech Radar


- excessive confidence or boldness

audaciousness, audacity, barefaced cheek, brass, brazenness, cheek, cheekiness, cockiness, contemptuousness, crassness, daring, effrontery, flagrancy, foolhardiness, freshness, front, gall, heedlessness, impetuousness, imprudence, impudence, incaution, inconsiderateness, inconsideration, indelicacy, injudiciousness, insensitivity, intrepidity, irresponsibility, lack of caution, misjudgement, overconfidence, precipitousness, presumption, presumptuousness, rashness, recklessness, unthoughtfulness, unwariness

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