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Smoochy Woochy Poochy



Smoochy Woochy Poochy = ein umgangssprachlicher Ausdruck, der Marihuana bedeutet --- BTW, DeepL translates “Smoochy Woochy Poochy” hilariously,… as “Schmusekätzchen”



“The U.S. government warns cops about ‘SMOOCHY WOOCHY POOCHY’ … a term from a lexicon of American drug slang recently published by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA).”

The Washington Post (10th June 2017)

“SMOOCHY WOOCHY POOCHY Headaches,… the County Sheriff’s Department caused quite a stir with a confusing post that appeared to offer a warning to cannabis farms.”

The North Coast Journal of Politics (11th April 2019)

Did you

Smoochy Woochy Poochy
noun phrase

- the psychoactive dried resinous flower buds and leaves of the female hemp or cannabis plant that contain high levels of THC and are smoked, vaped, or ingested (as in baked goods) especially for their intoxicating effect



Most slang names for cannabis date to the jazz era, when it was called Weed, Reefer, Gauge, Jive. Weed is a commonly used slang term for marijuana.

The origin of “Smoochy Woochy Poochy” is unknown, but it may be derived from “smoochy-woochy” meaning excessively romantic.


In 1976, after the passage of a state law decriminalising marijuana, a local prankster* changed the O’s in the iconic hillside Hollywood sign, so it would read… “HOLLYWEED”.

*prankster = Scherzbold


More than 1,200 names have been identified for marijuana and hashish, the dried leaves and flowers harvested from cannabis for drug use. Here’s a small selection:

Acapulco gold, Alligator cigarette, Arizona ashes, Astro turf, Black gold (oil), Bambalachacha, Blue Boys, Chiba chiba, Bobo bush, Christmas tree, Devil’s lettuce, Fuzzy Lady, Gigglesmoke, Golden Girls, Green goddess, Hempstead Gardens, Holy weed, Homegrown, Instant Zen, Jazz cabbage, Killer green bud (KGB), Left-handed cigarette, Little Green Friends, Puff the Magic Dragon, Mary Jane, Maui wowie, Medicinal Oasis, Mind detergent, Panama red, Rainy day woman, Reverend Green, Righteous bush, Scooby snax, Sinister Minister, Sinsemilla, Skunkamolah, skunkweed, SMOOCHY WOOCHY POOCHY, Space cake, Thai sticks, Uncle Tweaker’s Farm, Wisdom weed, Whacky tabacky, White-haired lady, White Widow Super Cheese, Yes We Cannabis, Zoo-Wee-Mama

Sources: Lexicon of American drug slang, Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA); Bruce Barcott, Leafly, “How Many of These DEA Terms Do You Know?”; Courtney Linder, “Pot patois: A comprehensive etymology of marijuana”, The Pitt News

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