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silver fox

an older person with grey or silver hair


silver fox = eine attraktive ältere Person mit grauem oder silbernem Haar, insbesondere ein Mann



“The Hottest SILVER FOXES of Hollywood. Like a fine wine, some heartthrobs are just better with age.”

Erica Gonzales - Harper’s Bazaar   

“A dapper, white-haired aristocrat whose socks always matched his ties, he looked like a slick SILVER FOX.”

Time Magazine

Did you

silver fox
noun phrase

- an attractive older person with gray or silver hair, especially a man

- a red fox in the color phase in which the fur is black with silver-gray ends on the longer hairs

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While silver fox has been a name of a fox species since the late 1700s, describing gray-haired men as silver foxes dates back to at least the 1920s, specifically to the career of baseball player Jessee Petty, who was nicknamed the Silver Fox because of his prematurely white hair and lively personality.


Alec Baldwin 63, Anderson Cooper 54,  Anthony Bourdain 64, Barack Obama 59, George Clooney 60, Harrison Ford 79, Hugh Grant 60, Jeff Goldblum 68, Kurt Russell 70, Pierce Brosnan 68,  Richard Gere 71

Helen Mirren 75, Jamie Lee Curtis 62, Diane Keaton 75, Bette Midler 75, Meryl Streep 72, Glenn Close 74, Judi Dench 86, Emmylou Harris 74, Charlotte Rampling 75, Vanessa Redgrave 84, Sharon Stone 63

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