to play in a rough, excited, and noisy way


to romp = herumtollen, herumtoben, tollen



“A bouncy castle can be a semi-dangerous place. The big air filled ball of rubber can be packed with ROMPING kids. This can result in falls, twists, bumps and bruises. But it is kid heaven.”

Calgary Herald

Did you


- to play in a rough, excited, and noisy way
- to play roughly and energetically (especially a child or animal)
- engage in sexual activity, especially illicitly

Cambridge Dictionary / Oxford Languages


From 1709, “to play rudely and boisterously, sport, frolic”, perhaps a variant of ramp, meaning “to win (a contest) with great ease” (attested by 1888, often in horse-racing).


“Actor Sean Bean hit the headlines as the sexy groundsman Mellors, servicing Joely Richardson in Ken Russell’s remake of Lady Chatterley’s Lover

Bean tells the story of how the couple were asked to ROMP naked across a field. Fear not, said Russell, there’s a ten-foot wall around us — no one will see.

So they ROMPED naked, only to be shocked as a double-decker bus packed with tourists, sailed past.”


beat the drum, carouse, carry on, cut loose, eat-drink-and-be-merry, fool around, frolic, go overboard, indulge, kick over the traces, large it, let your hair down, live it up, live large, make merry, make whoopee, party, push the boat out, put the flag(s) out, raise Cain, raise hell, rave, rollic, ROMP, run wild, whoop it up

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