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every nook and cranny

every inch of a location


in every nook and cranny = in jedem Winkel, an allen Ecken und Enden



“The Lancashire artist Dave Pearson had produced more than 15,000 works. Every NOOK AND CRANNY of his studio was crammed with his art.”

BBC News

Did you

nook and cranny

- every part of a place

Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary


The idiom originated in the 14th century and it combines ‘nook’, being used from mid-1300s which means – a distant corner, with ‘cranny’ in usage since 1440 which means – a crack or gap.

The possibly oldest printed record can be found in ‘Scottish Scenery’ by James Cririe, from 1803:

    “Yet, how endure the winter’s surly rage,
    The deadly nipping of the northern blast?
    The piercing frost, the mass of drifted snow,
    That smooths the valley with the higher ridge,
    And ev’ry winding nook and cranny fills?


In the English language, “nook and cranny” is an example of a "Siamese twin", which refers to a pair or grouping of words that is used together as an idiomatic expression joined by the conjunctions “and” or “or” as in:

- an arm and a leg = expensive, costly (That chalet cost them an arm and a leg)

- nuts and bolts = the basic working components or practical aspects (She’s going to explain the nuts and bolts of the campaign the the Regional Vice-President)

- tooth and nail = with every available resource (He's fighting tooth and nail to stop team leaving the company)

- sick and tired = thoroughly weary, discouraged, or bored (I’m sick and tired of the lack of clear communication in this organization)

- warm and fuzzy = a sentimental, reassuring, and comforting emotional response (simply her touch gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling)

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“I looked in every NOOK AND CRANNY but still couldn’t find my keys; they were in my jacket pocket all the time.”

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