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the pre-election period in the U.K.


purdah = in Großbritannien die Bezeichnung für bestimmte Zeiträume, in denen gewisse (politische) Aktivitäten ruhen Google index = 1,040,000 hits



Some local government officers and civil servants are already in PURDAH because of the local elections and mayoral elections taking place on 4 May.

The new PURDAH restrictions ahead of the general election will run through to the general election on 8 June.

The Guardian

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Purdah is the practice in certain Muslim and Hindu societies of screening women from men or strangers, especially by means of a curtain. Different specific meanings are:

- a curtain used for the purpose of purdah, plural noun: purdahs

- a state of seclusion or secrecy.

- (British) the period leading up to an election, during which government departments generally refrain from making any new announcements.

Oxford English Dictionary


Early 19th century: from Urdu and Persian parda 'veil, curtain’.

Purdah is the pre-election period in the United Kingdom, specifically the time between an announced election and the final election results.

The time period prevents central and local government from making announcements about any new or controversial government initiatives (such as modernisation initiatives or administrative and legislative changes) which could be seen to be advantageous to any candidates or parties in the forthcoming election.

At its weakest, the time period brings a moral commitment for executive officers not to enter into any transactions or carry out any works which would conflict with the stated intentional commitments (manifesto) of the cabinet or shadow cabinet and possibly other candidates.

SYNONYMS for silence

quietness, quiet, quietude, still, stillness, hush, tranquillity, noiselessness, soundlessness, peace, peacefulness, peace and quiet

Special thanks to Christina for suggesting this very timely word.

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