joy snacking

enjoying the small things of life


joy snacking = die Verwandlung selbst routinemäßiger, alltäglicher Erfahrungen in Momente intensiven Vergnügens



“Want to feel happier? Try JOY SNACKING. Learning to find the joy in mundane experiences is a way to cultivate a more meaningful life.

Richard Sima - The Washington Post (17th November 2022)

Did you

joy snacking

- the act of transforming even routine, everyday experiences, into moments of intense pleasure


This phrase first appeared in print in a Washington Post article by Richard Sima in November 2022.


To increase the intensity of JOY SNACKING, try a technique called “savouring”. This involves mindfully focusing on the sensations and emotions felt in these moments of pleasure. It may take some practice, but learning to slow down and pay attention also leads to a feeling of gratitude. And gratitude, in turn, leads to more moments of joy—a virtuous circle.

Here are some of mine:


- Freshly brewed coffee
- Ripe peaches
- Entrecôte Rotwein 2020
- Very cold fruit juice
- Hot chocolate


- Freshly cut grass
- Rain immediately after a summer shower
- The scent of a rose
- Old Spice aftershave
- Freshly baked bread


- Rainbows
- A full moon or a shooting star
- The colours of a butterfly wing
- The brushstrokes of a painting
- Reflections in a shiny spoon


- Birds chirping
- Wind rustling leaves
- A favourite song on the radio
- Chiming clocks
- Laughter


- Stirring simmering soup
- Folding warm laundry
- Pressing the send button of a positive email
- Turning keys in locks
- Tossing objects into wastepaper baskets

I’d love to hear some of yours!



- a feeling of great pleasure and happiness, joy

amusement, Arcadia, ardour, a rush, beanfeast, beatitude, beer and skittles, being full of the joys of spring, benediction, bliss, blissfulness, brightness, buzz, carousing, celebration(s), celestial throne, cheer(fulness), cheeriness, chirpiness, cloud nine, conviviality, delectation, delight, divertissement, divine rapture, dreamland, ebullience, ecstasy, Eden, effervescence, effusiveness, elatedness, elation, Elysium, empyrean, enchantment, enjoying (oneself), enjoyment, entertainment, envigoration, esprit, euphoria, exaltation, excitation, excitedness, excitement, exhilaration, exuberance, exultation, felicity, fervour, flush of excitement, frisson, frolicking, fun (and games), gaiety, gambolling, gaiety, gladness, gladsomeness, glee(fulness), glow,  good cheer (feeling, humour, spirits), gusto, halcyon days, head rush, heaven, heavenly joy, heaven of heavens, heaven on earth, heart-lifting, hedonism, hilarity, humour, idyll, inner peace, intoxication, invigoration, jamboree, jocularity, joie de vivre, jollies, jollification, jolliness, jollity, jolly, joy(fulness), joyousness, joys of spring, JOY SNACKING, jubilance, jubilation, levity, love of life, loving life, manna, merriment, merriness, merrymaking, mirth(fulness), nirvana, paradise, pride(and joy), rapture, rejoicing, revel(ling), revelry, rhapsodies, rhapsody, savouring, seventh heaven, Shangri-La, source of pleasure (pride, satisfaction), stars in one’s eyes, state of grace, sunniness, sunshine, sunshine and rainbows, supreme happiness (joy), thrills, top of the world, transports of delight, turn-on, Utopia, warm fuzzies, whoopee, wingding, zap, zeal, zest (for life), zestfulness, zing

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