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a conversation partner


interlocutor = Gesprächspartner, Gesprächsteilnehmer



“De Montjoye, a French-British national, had informed the Rwandan government of her travel plans and sent meeting requests to the Justice Ministry, HRW’s INTERLOCUTOR in the Rwandan government, on 29 April and 7 May, but did not receive a response.”

Diane Taylor — The Guardian (19th May 2024)

“It’s true, men really don’t listen to a word their wives say. Listening is important for life as well as politics. You might learn something and your INTERLOCUTOR is expecting their words to have some impact.”

Torsten Bell — The Guardian (9th October 2022)

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- one who takes part in dialogue or conversation

- the person with whom you are having a conversation

- if a person or organization has a role as an interlocutor in talks or negotiations, they take part or act as a representative in them



The word "interlocutor" has its origins in the Latin verb interloqui, which means "to speak between" or "to interrupt". It is derived from the prefix inter- meaning "between" and the verb loqui meaning "to speak”.

The earliest known use of "interlocutor" in English dates back to around 1518, in the writing of Alexander Barclay, a poet and clergyman. The word was borrowed into English from French, where it was spelled "interlocutoire”.

In the mid-16th century, "interlocutor" began appearing more frequently in English, with the first known use of the word in a dialogue or conversation context occurring in 1533. The word was used to refer to "one who speaks in a dialogue or conversation.”


This is how Gemini-AI, by Anthropic, describes its future contribution to society:

“The horizon of communication is expanding, and digital agents are at the forefront of this revolution. In the near future, these intelligent entities will redefine our conversational experiences, blurring the lines between human and machine interaction. They will not merely respond to commands, but engage in stimulating dialogue, their responses infused with wit, empathy, and profound understanding.

“Gone are the days of robotic interactions; digital agents will possess the remarkable ability to grasp context, anticipate our needs, and tailor their responses accordingly. They will be our virtual companions, eager to share their vast knowledge on any subject, from the intricacies of quantum physics to the latest cultural trends. Imagine discussing the nuances of Shakespearean literature with a digital agent, or debating the ethical implications of artificial intelligence with a virtual philosopher.

“These conversational agents will not only be informative, but also entertaining, capable of cracking jokes, sharing anecdotes, and even composing poetry. They will be our personal assistants, confidantes, and advisors, enriching our lives with their unwavering support and boundless knowledge. The future of communication is bright, and digital agents are poised to illuminate the path with their conversational brilliance”.

On a scale of 1 to 10, where 1 = least and 10 = most, how optimistic are you about the impact of  Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) on society? We'd love to hear from you — drop us a line at: paul(at)smith(dot)de.

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addressee, arguer, asker, audience, banter buddy, chat partner, co-communicator, cohort, collaborator, colloquist, companion, confidant, conversationalist, converser, counterpart, debater, dialogist, discourser, discussant, discussion partner, disputant, engager, enquirer, examiner, fellow communicator (speaker), interviewer, interviewee, INTERLOCUTOR, inquisitor, interrogator, listener, opposite number, partner in conversation, partner in parley, questioner, receiver, replier, respondent, sparring/speech/talking partner

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“AGI INTERLOCUTORS are poised to transform how we engage with technology, with each other, and with ourselves.”

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