in camera

in private


in camera = hinter verschlossenen Türen, in geschlossener Gesellschaft, in geschlossener Sitzung; unter Ausschluss der Öffentlichkeit



“Cases in the family division of the high court relating to child custody and divorce issues are regularly held IN CAMERA to protect privacy.”

Owen Bowcott - The Guardian

Did you

in camera

- in private; without the public, newspaper reporters, etc. being there

Cambridge Dictionary


In camera “in a chamber” is a legal term that means in private. The same meaning is sometimes expressed in English as "in chambers".

In camera is the opposite of a trial in open court where all parties and witnesses testify in a public courtroom and where attorneys publicly present their arguments.


When talking about office and private areas of a house, I sometimes hear German speakers say something like:

“Let me now show you our private parts.”

I always have to suppress a smile whilst deciding whether to enlighten our host that “private parts” means “Geschlechtsteile” in English.

So,... Dear Reader, please take care with the phrase “private parts” in English.

SYNONYMS for without others knowing

secretly, confidentially, discreetly, privately, clandestinely, conspiratorially, covertly, in confidence, in private, unobserved, without anyone knowing, behind closed doors, behind the scenes, under the counter, IN CAMERA, on the quiet / on the q.t., on the sly, sub rosa, on the side, surreptitiously, in strict confidence, between ourselves, backstage, off the record, in holes and corners, unofficially, between us, under the table, huggermugger, confidingly, undercover, under wraps, without someone’s knowledge, between themselves, between you-me-and-the-bedpost / gatepost, don’t breathe a word

SMUGGLE OWAD into a conversation today, say something like:

“The matter is very sensitive. Let’s discuss this first IN CAMERA before making a decision.”

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