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home swapping

the exchange of homes with someone else for the holidays


home swapping = der Haustausch, der Tauschurlaub swap = der Austausch, das Swapgeschäft, das Tauschgeschäft, der Wechsel debt-for-nature swap = Schuldenerlass gegen Naturschutzmaßnahmen --- GOOGLE INDEX home swapping/home swap: approx. 200,000 Google hits



HOME SWAPPING Excellent Way to Vacation Cheaply

(Daily Mail - News Headline)

A HOME SWAP holiday can save you a fortune.

(The Independent)

Did you

home swapping
phrasal verb

home swap
noun phrase

- exchanging homes with another person located in an area where you want to go on holiday

The Internet has made home swapping a popular alternative to renting holiday apartments or hotel rooms. There's a home-swap site for almost everyone nowadays. Thelma and Louise is a women travellers' online network that offers home swapping targeted toward the female traveller.

Mi Casa Su Casa serves the gay community for example, but you don't have to be gay to participate, rather just have a gay-friendly attitude according to the web site.

You don't have to work in a school to benefit from Teachers Travel Web since "anyone who teaches something to someone" is eligible to sign up for their home swap scheme.

For travellers with disabilities, there's the Independent Living Institute's Vacation Home Exchange programme and for children-friendly home-swapping the National Childbirth Trust Home Swap service (only the homes are swapped, not the children).

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"If you want to go on holiday, you can save a lot of money through home swapping ."

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