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hit the bullseye

to be exactly right or precise


hit the bullseye = ins Schwarze treffen, den Nagel auf den Kopf treffen --- GOOGLE INDEX hit the bullseye: approximately 1,500,000 Google hits



In the course of his address before the Associated Industries of Massachusetts, President Knudsen of General Motors HIT THE BULLSEYE in the matter of industrial relationships.

(Wall Street Journal)

Second quarter PC sales HIT THE BULLSEYE

(The Register)

Did you

hit the bullseye

- to be exactly correct

In archery and gun practice, as well as in the game of darts, the centre of the target is called the bullseye (also spelled bulls eye and bull's-eye). Thus "hitting the bullseye", which results in the highest number of points, is used in a figurative sense to refer to being precise or exactly right about something.

While one could argue that the centre of a target resembles the eye of a bull with its round shape, it's unclear whether this is the origin of the word. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the first written use of the word was in 1825 and it referred to a prominence in the centre of a pane of glass. Prior to that a bullseye simply meant a glass lens.

Bullseye can also mean:

- a large, hard round peppermint sweet

- a thick disc of glass forming a small window in a ship or the glass of a lamp

- a thick knob of glass at the centre of a blown glass sheet


dead on, hit the mark, spot on, on the money, on the nose, on target

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"That was an excellent presentation. His market analysis really hit the bullseye."

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