he was acquitted

he was found not guilty


he was acquitted = er wurde freigesprochen acquittal = der Freispruch --- GOOGLE INDEX acquitted: approximately 2,800,000 Google hits



Four international banks have been ACQUITTED of mis-selling derivatives to the city of Milan.

(BBC News)

A former president of Germany, Christian Wulff, was ACQUITTED on Thursday of corruption charges from his time as a regional governor.

(New York Times)

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- to decide officially in a law court that someone is not guilty of a particular crime

(Cambridge Dictionary)

Acquit, an early 13th word that originally meant to "satisfy a debt" (either for oneself or on behalf of another), is from the Old French "aquiter" (pay, pay up, settle a claim) is derived from à (to) + quite (free, clear). The meanings "set free from charges" and "to discharge one's duty" are both recorded from the late 14th century.

As one might guess, the French "quiter" is also the source of the English "quit" (stop or discontinue an activity) and ultimately from the Latin quietus, past participle of quiescere 'be still', from quies 'quiet'.

Acquit was used in both an official and unofficial capacity for centuries. In Jane Austen's Love and Friendship, one of the characters writes to her brother: "My Dear Brother, since you were five years old, I entirely acquit you of ever having willingly contributed to the satisfaction of your Father."

This unofficial sense has gradually disappeared, with the official meaning of finding someone not guilty in a court of law the primary usage today.


absolve, exonerate, free, exculpate, let off, let off the hook, liberate, release, vindicate

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"Now that he has been acquitted, he wants to return to a normal life."

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