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not worried about the future


happy-go-lucky = unbekümmert, sorglos --- GOOGLE INDEX happy-go-lucky: approximately 4,000,000 Google hits



"He wasn't his HAPPY-GO-LUCKY self like he'd always been," his mother, Jodi Routh, said during the trial.

(USA Today)

British actress Cara Delevingne plays a fictional character named Melanie, a HAPPY-GO-LUCKY student abroad who works in a pub.

(The Christian Times)

Did you

adjective phrase

- cheerfully unconcerned about the future

(Oxford Dictionary)

To the non-native English speaker, the expression "happy-go-lucky" may sound a bit strange. And even for native speakers who have probably given it little thought, upon further reflection it does sound odd. The connection between happy and lucky is fairly apparent however as the two words are synonymous.

Happy is from the Old English noun "hap," meaning "chance, a person's luck, fortune or fate." Lucky derives from the noun luck, which in turn stems from the late 15th century Middle Dutch word "luc," a shortening of gheluc, which means "happiness, good fortune." The German "Glück," or luck, is obviously related.

The truth is however, a happy-go-lucky person would probably not spend much time thinking about this expression. Or as we might sometimes say in a cheerfully unconcerned manner, "It is what it is."


carefree, cheerful, content, devil-may-care, free and easy, freewheeling, improvident, insouciant, nonchalant

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"Both of our kids were happy-go-lucky whilst growing up."

Thanks to Cindy for suggesting today's word!

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