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halfway house

a temporary shelter for troubled people in society


halfway house = Übergangswohnheim halfway house (fig.) = ein Kompromiss --- GOOGLE INDEX halfway house: approximately 5,000,000 Google hits



Plans to build a HALFWAY HOUSE for the homeless overlooking a new kiddies park have been branded utterly ridiculous.

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Featuring an affordable range of handsets loaded with personality, he added that Windows Phone's app policies can be seen as a HALFWAY HOUSE between the two extremes embodied by Android and Apple - neither lackadaisically inclusive, nor fiercely protectionist.

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halfway house
noun phrase

— a centre for rehabilitating former prisoners, psychiatric patients, or others unused to non-institutional life

— (fig.) a compromise between two different or opposing views or courses of action

— (fig.) the halfway point in a progression

(Oxford English Dictionaries)

Historically, the term halfway house referred to a stop on a journey, an in-between place to rest for the night. In England they are simply called inns or hotels these days. In the United States, the classic motel once served as the primary halfway house for those travelling by car (which is most of the population in America).

The term halfway house is now used primarily to refer to places for people to stay who have been living in an institution, such as a prison, or for people who need a place to stay during a time of difficulty, be it for family or financial reasons.

The first halfway houses were designed as a place for released prisoners who needed temporary shelter and food while making the transition back into society. Modern halfway houses offer a wider range of services, including psychiatric and job counselling.

Other types of halfway houses include centres for abused women, young mothers with children, drug addicts and troubled teenagers. Most halfway houses are either government-run or operated by religious, charitable and benevolent organisations. The construction of halfway houses sometimes creates controversy, particularly when they are built near residential areas. The residents either feel threatened or fear that the centre will lower the value of their homes. This is the so-called NIMBY effect (Not In My Back Yard).

In a figurative sense, a halfway house refers to a compromise between different views or actions or the midpoint in something that is still taking place. This usage is chiefly British.


safe house, rehabilitation/rehab centre, stopping place

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"Halfway houses perform a valuable service for society."

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