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grey matter

human intelligence


grey matter = graue Zellen, die menschliche Intelligenz (fig.) --- GOOGLE INDEX grey matter: approximately 5,500,000 Google hits



Using little more than MRI brain scanners and game consoles, scientists have found that regular turns on Tetris caused the GREY MATTER in a group of teenage girls to thicken.

(BBC News Magazine)

Getting stuck in a traffic jam would have certainly made you lose your temper but not for two engineering students. Rather, they applied their GREY MATTER and technology on how to solve the ever-increasing traffic problem on city roads and offer a solution to it.

(The Indian Express)

Did you

grey matter (U.S. - gray matter)
noun phrase

- the greyish tissue of the brain and spinal cord

- (fig.) brains and intelligence

(Collins English Dictionary)

Grey (or gray) is the color of black and white mixed together.

Gray is the color of an elephant, cement, and pencil writing. Gray often looks like someone made black lighter, but not so light that it is white.

In the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, South Africa, India, Ireland, and New Zealand, as well as a few other countries, this word is spelled "grey". In the United States, it is spelled "gray". The first recorded use of gray as a color name in English was in 700 A.D.

source: Wikipedia

Other idioms with grey:

- a grey area (British & Australian), a gray area (American) = a subject or problem that people do not know how to deal with because there are no clear rules (The legal difference in this case is a bit of a grey area)

- the men in grey suits = men in business or politics who have a lot of power and influence although the public does not see them or know about them (As usual, it is the men in grey suits who will decide the future of the industry)

source: Cambridge University Press 2006


Why do elephants do well in school ?
Because they have a lot of grey matter !

SMUGGLE OWAD into today's conversation

"We'll really need to use all our grey matter to solve this problem."

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