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go belly up

to fail badly, to die


go belly up = den Geist aufgeben, abkratzen --- GOOGLE INDEX go belly up: approximately 2,200,000 Google hits



Bistro chain GOES BELLY UP - again

(BBC - News Headlines)

By 1987 the Reagan economy WENT BELLY UP in the biggest stock market crash since the great depression...

(ABC News)

Did you

go belly up (also, turn belly up)

- hopelessly ruined or defeated, especially a bankrupt business (from the idea of a floating fish)

(Merriam-Webster's Online Dictionary)

belly up
phrasal verb

- to approach closely (belly up to the bar)

(American Heritage Dictionary)

Heidi Fleiss is an American columnist and TV personality was named the "Hollywood Madam." This nickname came about after she became famous for managing a prostitution ring in Los Angeles. She claims to have had many famous and wealthy clients. Nevertheless, she became the target of a police investigation, was convicted and sent to prison. This left the celebrity madam in financial difficulty.

Commenting on her money problems in 1999, American late night talk show host Jay Leno said: ""Heidi Fleiss has filed for bankruptcy. It's not the first time she's gone belly up!"

flop, flounder, go down, go up in smoke, hit the skids, run aground

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"I learned a lot about running a business after my first venture went belly up."

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