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very surprised (speechless)


floored = sprachlos sein, (vollkommen) sprachlos sein --- GOOGLE INDEX 335,000 Google hits



Prince William revealed two of his favourite bands were Coldplay and Linkin Park while talking to students at a school in East Yorkshire. Mike Shinoda says the band was floored by the comment.

Did you

to be floored

- to be completely surprised or shocked
(Cambridge Dictionary)

Imagine that you are so surprised or astounded by something that you literally fall to the floor. This is what it means to be floored by something. You might be floored by a generous gift from someone as an example. Or you could be floored by the extent of someone's stupidity.

This figurative sense of being floored probably stems from the literal sense used in boxing. When a boxer knocks his opponent to the floor, then he "floors him" (He was floored two times in the second round and never recovered).

Here are some other phrases with the word floor:

- floor it = to accelerate a car very quickly by pressing the pedal to the floor (The thieves floored it when they heard the police sirens)

- get in on the ground floor = to be involved in something from the beginning (You can make a lot of money in this industry if you get in on the ground floor)

- on the cutting room floor = to be left out of or not included in something. This stems from the old days of movie editing when films were physically cut, literally leaving portions of it on the (cutting room) floor. (Some important issues were left on the cutting room floor during the meeting)

- wipe the floor with somebody = to completely defeat or destroy somebody (During the debate she wiped the floor with him).


baffled, bewildered, bowled over, confounded, dumbfounded, flabbergasted, knocked down, perplexed, puzzled, stumped, thrown for a loop, thunderstruck, struck dumb, speechless

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"The interviewer was floored by his clever answer."

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