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the person who introduces performers at a show


emcee = der Moderator, der Zeremonienmeister --- GOOGLE INDEX emcee: approximately 10,000,000 Google hits



The star-studded event was hosted by "America's Got Talent" EMCEE Nick Cannon.

(Los Angeles Times)

Monie Love is an English EMCEE and radio personality in the United States.

(BBC News)

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- a person whose job is to introduce performers in a television, radio, or stage show

(Cambridge Dictionary)

Emcee is the pronunciation form of the abbreviation MC (em cee), which stands for master of ceremonies.

The emcee usually presents performers, speaks to the audience, entertains people, and generally keeps the event moving. An emcee might also tell jokes or anecdotes and sometimes also acts as the protocol officer during an official state function. The term is also used to refer to television game show hosts and/or hostesses.

In the Catholic Church, a Master of Ceremonies (not referred to as an emcee in this case) was originally an official of the Papal Court responsible for the proper and smooth conduct of the elegant and elaborate rituals involving the Pope and the sacred liturgy.

The modern Catholic Church uses a priest as Master of Ceremonies during rites performed by both Popes and Bishops, and some individual parishes (an area served by a church) train young laymen to serve as Master of Ceremonies for parish liturgies.

(adapted from Wikipedia)


compere, host, moderator, toastmaster

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