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something extraordinarily excellent


doozy = der Hammer, ein Prachtexemplar, außergewöhnlich (adj.) --- GOOGLE INDEX doozy: approximately 900,000 Google hits



The first major storm of 2014 is going to be a DOOZY

(CTV News)

PC manufacturer Digital Storm unveiled its first Steam Machine today and it's a DOOZY.

(The Escapist magazine)

Did you

doozy (also spelled doozie)

- something extraordinarily excellent or bizarre

(American Heritage Dictionary)

One of the more popular theories regarding the origin of "doozy" is the early 20th century American car manufacturer Duesenberg, which was called "Duesy" for short. Started by two German brothers, Frederick and August Duesenberg, the company produced luxury automobiles from 1913 to 1937.

A distinctive feature of the Duesenberg was the bowtie style front bumper, which used two pieces of steel, with the top piece bent to resemble a bowtie. The cars were highly sought after by celebrities and gangsters alike. After being bought in 1926 by E.L. Cord, the owner of Auburn Automobile, the company eventually went bankrupt in 1937 and ceased production.

Since the word doozy had already been established prior to the creation of Duesy however, most etymology experts reject this theory. Instead, some believe it stems from the flower named daisy, since this word was slang for "excellent, very appealing" in the 18th and 19th century.

To support this idea, others have pointed out that during this time the famous Italian actress Elenora Duse first appeared in New York. Also known simply as Duse, she became famous in the U.S. during a triumphant tour in 1896. The suggestion is that daisy and Duse combined to evolve into "doozy" to describe something excellent or out of the ordinary.


humdinger, killer, winner, hit, smash hit, knockout, crackerjack, hot stuff, something else, whopper

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"Just wait, our updated product will be a real doozy!"

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