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doggy bag

a container to take home restaurant food you don't eat


doggy bag = Verpackung für Speisereste --- GOOGLE INDEX doggy bag: approximately 500,000 Google hits



"There was so much food brought in by helpers, that after eating all that they could, everyone took a DOGGY BAG home with them."

(The Northamptonshire Evening Telegraph)

When ordering, ask your server to pack half your plate in a DOGGY BAG before serving you the other half. You'll have a meal to eat at home tomorrow…

(The Lansing State Journal)

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doggy bag

- a small bag (or any container) that a restaurant provides so that you can take home any food you have not finished

(Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary)


Some cultures regard leftovers (food left on the plate) as a symbol of satisfaction with the meal. Others consider this to be rude. In some cultures, it is polite to leave a half-bite on the plate. It also serves the purpose of indicating that the food provided by the host was sufficient in quantity.

When travelling to a foreign country, it's best to discover the traditions beforehand to avoid offending the locals.

In some countries (US & UK), leftovers from a restaurant meal can be taken away by the dining guest and eaten at home. To do this, they can ask to have it "wrapped up or boxed up." The container used for such leftovers is sometimes referred to as a doggy bag (or doggie bag). The name comes from the idea of pretending that the food will be given to the dog rather than eaten by its owner.

The acceptance of doggy bags varies from country to country. In some countries people frown upon a diner asking for a doggy bag. In America. for example, where large portions are the norm in restaurants, taking home leftovers is very common. Whether the dog gets the contents of the bag is always another question though.


"That was a very generous portion of food. Can I have a doggy bag please?"

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