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great pleasure or enjoyment


delectation = Hochgenuss, großes Vergnügen, Köstlichkeit --- GOOGLE INDEX delectation: approximately 400,000 Google hits



But fear not film buffs of the United Kingdom, for January 2015 is actually a month full of cinematic treats for your DELECTATION.


Though these records were banned, they found their way into bootleg channels for the DELECTATION of scores of college boys.

(Wall Street Journal)

Did you


- great pleasure or enjoyment

(Cambridge Dictionary)

Delectation is what some people consider a "highbrow" word, highbrow referring to something or someone that is highly cultured or intellectual. It is used less often in informal, everyday conversation and instead is frequently incorporated in more flowery language or in cases where someone simply prefers a less common term. It's normally used with the preposition "for," as in "for your delectation."

Delectation is from the Old French delectation (enjoyment) and ultimately from the Latin delectatio, a noun of action derived from the past participle stem of delectare, meaning delight. The Latin delectare is the root of several related words such as:

- delectable = the adjective form of delectation (The chocolate cake was delectable)

- delicious = tasting good (The food in the company cafeteria is surprisingly delicious)

- delight = to please greatly (I'm delighted to meet you)

- delightful = pleasurable, enjoyable (That was such a delightful evening)


amusement, enjoyment, entertainment, pleasure

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"And finally ladies and gentlement, for your special delectation, we offer you rum flavoured Belgian chocolate truffles."

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